Preem blir huvudpartner till Female Engineer Network

Målet med samarbetet är att tillsammans skapa nya arenor för nätverkande och samskapande, bidra till kompetensutbyte och främja ett mer jämställt näringsliv. Det här är första gången som FEN tecknar ett huvudpartnerskap.

Leading the way with people at heart

Zenseact is on a mission to develop world-leading safety software for autonomous driving, and we take great pride in offering an open-minded and socially conscious workplace. But why is diversity, inclusion, and belonging important for a company like ours?

Zenseact leads Gothenburg chapter of Girls in Tech Nordics

Recognizing the obstacles that women face in the tech industry, Vanessa Eriksson, the founder of Girls in Tech Nordics (GiTN), and Rahell Rada, City Lead for GiTN in Gothenburg, are dedicated to promoting inclusion and recognizing the invaluable contributions that women make to advance the tech industry. Together, they work towards breaking down barriers and creating opportunities for girls to thrive in the field of technology later in the years.

Circular business models are worth billions to LKAB

Utilising side streams from our own and others’ industrial operations allows us to create new high quality, environmentally efficient products. “Already today, more than a third of LKAB’s sales of industrial minerals are from secondary streams of raw materials, generating over a billion kronor in income” says David Högnelid, Chief Strategy Officer for Business Area Special Products.